2018 TorMog Events

TorMog Contact Richard Smith

Events Diary for 2018 – please contact the organiser to confirm arrangements

Annual Programme – SportMog Events
Mogmentum 03 – 2018.02
(TorMog Contact – Iain Leviston – i.leviston@btinternet.com)

22 April 2018 – Drive it Day – Apedale Railway
Morgans @ Apedale

7th May 2018 – Gawsworth Car Show
(Mogs from all around the region meet and display in the bluebell woods)

12 May 2018 – Glossop Car Show
Glossop Car Show
(TorMog Contact Richard Smith – richard@british-red-sportscar.co.uk)

10 June 2018 – Penistone Classic Car Show and Mayor’s Parade

17 June 2018 Charity Fund Raising At Elvaston Country Park
Elvaston Hall – Don Mog
(TorMog Contact Richard Smith – richard@british-red-sportscar.co.uk)

25 July 2018 The Nantwich Show
2018 Nantwich Show

29 July Heart of England Challenge 2018
The attached flier is about the Heart of England Challenge, which is an annual event between Cranmog, Foxmog, Fringemog, Linmog and Oxmog and Donmog.
This year Donmog is hosting / organising, and in the spirit of including Tormog and Staffsmog more, at their Noggin this week they agreed that we would extend the invite to your two centres this year too.The flier should have all the info on that you need, but if you do have any questions, please do come back to me. (TorMog Contact Richard Smith – richard@british-red-sportscar.co.uk)
HEC final

 25 August 2018 Woodsmoor Classic Car Show
Woodsmoor Show 2018
No specific organisd TorMog presence – invitation handed out at Gawsworth

August 26th: Classic Car Show Apedale Country Park – Newcastle Under Lyme
….for a classic car day plus steam trains….including the very recently rebuilt Hunslet 1215, built originally to serve the trenches in the First World War, ‘See if you can spot my fingerprints in the paint’ says Richard Smith (Lord Unstone) (TorMog Contact – Richard Smith – Tormogsecretary@gmail.com)
Apedale Railway

31 August – 2 September 2018 – Chatsworth Country Show
Chatsworth No 2 Flyer 2018
(TorMog Contact – Colin Hill – cshill4856@gmail.com)